Gene Allergy

Take appropriate precautionary steps for healthy life

Genetics play a big role in the chances of developing allergic symptoms. There a...

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Gene Diet

Fulfil your health and body goals

Check your genetic predisposition to food and nutrient requirements, intolerance...

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Identify harmful changes in Breast Cancer susceptibility genes

BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene status can influence your individual risk for some forms of...

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Methylation to MTHFR

Identify suitable diet and health solutions for your genes

Methylation processes controls many of body’s important functions by supplying...

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Gene Fitness

Design unique exercise plans

Staying fit has become a top priority for many of us as it provides numerous phy...

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Lucent Skin

Exciting new frontier in skin health

Skin health and radiance originate deep inside and significantly influenced by y...

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Rx Remedy

Perfect health using your DNA analysis

The vast majority of individuals taking prescribed medications do not get benefi...

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Health Horoscope

Make the appropriate lifestyle choices

Family history is not destiny. Genetics allows you to uncover risk factors of pr...

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Gene legacy

Match your unique genetic makeup

You are as unique as the traces of your family history or ancestors. Get a knowl...

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Complete Genome Analysis

Identify inherited disorders and track disease outbreaks

There are many people who suffers from undiagnosed or incorrectly diagnosed gene...

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Gene Allergy & Health Horoscope

Check your allergy symptoms and future of your health

Know about your allergy symptoms and future health...

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Gene Allergy & Gene Diet

Know your diet and lifestyle changes along with allergy symptoms

Know your customized diet and allergy symptoms...

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Gene Fitness & Health Horoscope

Know your genes to understand fitness and enhance better health

Understand about fitness regime and know your future health...

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Gene Diet & MTHFR

Understand your diet and lifestyle along with methylation

Know better about your diet and ways to better health...

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Gene Diet & Health Horoscope

Get your customized diet and know your future health

Check genetic predisposition to food and understand your health...

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Gene Diet & Gene Fitness

Get personalized diet and fitness plans

Get perfect tailor-made diet and fitness plans and regime...

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Gene Allergy & Lucent Skin

Understand allergy symptoms and enahnce your skin health

Get skin radiance and know about allergy symptoms ...

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Health Horscope & MTHFR

Uncover health risk factors and methylation

Know your genetic influences and future health...

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Genetic counselling

Connect with our counsellors to understand your results

Take assistance from our genetic counsellors to know further line of action...

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