Gene Allergy

Take appropriate precautionary steps for healthy life

Genetics play a big role in the chances of developing allergic symptoms. Th...

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Gene Fitness

Design unique exercise plans

Staying fit has become a top priority for many of us as it provides numerou...

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Gene Diet

Fulfil your health and body goals

Check your genetic predisposition to food and nutrient requirements, intole...

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Lucent Skin

Exciting new frontier in skin health

Skin health and radiance originate deep inside and significantly influenced...

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Rx Remedy

Perfect health using your DNA analysis

The vast majority of individuals taking prescribed medications do not get b...

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Health Horoscope

Make the appropriate lifestyle choices

Family history is not destiny. Genetics allows you to uncover risk factors ...

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Gene legacy

Match your unique genetic makeup

You are as unique as the traces of your family history or ancestors. Get a ...

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Identify harmful changes in Breast Cancer susceptibility genes

BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene status can influence your individual risk for some for...

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Methylation to MTHFR

Change the way of metabolism in your body                        

MTHFR gene status influences many regulatory pathways.This report should be...

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Complete Genome Analysis

Identify inherited disorders and track disease outbreaks

There are many people who suffers from undiagnosed or incorrectly diagnosed...

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Gene Allergy & Health Horoscope

Check your allergy symptoms and future of your health at an affordable price

Many people suffer from allergies and want to know their future health...

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Gene Allergy & Gene Diet

Know your diet and lifestyle changes along with allergy symptoms

This combo plan allows you to check your unique genes...

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Gene Fitness & MTHFR

Know your fitness genes and implications on your health.

Get this plan to know about your fitness genes and health...

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Gene Fitness & Health Horoscope

Know your genes to understand fitness and health

Take this combo plan to understand more about your future...

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Gene Diet & Rx Remedy

Identify best suited medicines and diet solutions

Know the influence of your genes on health and suitability of medicines...

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Gene Diet & MTHFR

Identify suitable diet and health solutions for your genes

Take this combo plan to know the impact of your genes on health...

Genetic counselling

Connect with our counsellors to understand your results

Take assistance from our genetic counsellors to know further line of action...

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Gene Diet & Gene Fitness

Plan a precise diet plan as per your fitness requirements

Staying fit requires a perfect tailor-made diet plan to go with the right f...