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Role of exercise in Genetic Expression changes

Role of exercise in Genetic Expression changes

We are all aware that exercise makes us healthier and also, reduces the risk of diseases, especially related to the heart. Virtually, everyone agrees that exercise improves health but do you know the mechanism for the role of exercise that changes the functioning and shape of our genes which ultimately leads to improved health and fitness. The genome is very complex and dynamic as they keep on turning off and on, depending on the signals received from the body.


The Epigenetics of Exercise


The gene expression can be changed through the influences coming from the outside body and this influence leads to changes in the operations of the gene. However, it does not affect the blueprint of DNA. This whole process is considered as “epigenetics” and mainly occurs via methylation.  Well, the patterns of methylation can be changes by major changes in lifestyle such as exercise. The benefits of exercise are impeccable in the process of gene expression.


It is clearly indicated that the diet, environment, and overall lifestyle plays a significant role in the state of health and disease development. And also, the exercise induces instant changes in the methylation patterns of genes within your muscle cells.



Let’s understand how exercise changes our DNA


A number of biological and chemical effects occur when you exercise, it includes changes specifically in your muscles, lungs, bones and joints, and heart.


  • Muscles – It uses glucose and energy for movement and contraction.  To generate more energy, you require extra oxygen which leads to increased breath and pumping of more blood into your heart.
  • Lungs – When muscles call for excessive oxygen (almost 15 times more oxygen when the body is on rest), the breathing rate increased. And once the muscles surrounding lungs cannot move faster, you reach to the maximum capacity of your oxygen usage. The higher the capacity, the fitter you are.
  • Heart – The increased heart rate due to increased physical activity supplies more oxygenated blood to your muscles. The fitter body allows the heart to function more efficiently and leads to higher efficiency.
  • Bones and joints – Physical activity helps in maintaining the healthy bone mass and primarily, weight-bearing exercises are one of the most effective solutions for osteoporosis. If you are active, then, your bones and joints will function in a much better manner.


Exercise Is Important for Body and Mind


There are enormous benefits of exercise for the body but at the same time, it also has many benefits for the proper functioning and health of the brain. The importance of exercise cannot be denied as it regularly prompts the growth of brain cells that boost learning and memory. As a result, you feel better and focused after the workout.



Do you want to know the changes in gene expression occurring with exercise? JC Genetics can help in identifying your gene expressions for better physical and mental health. You can plan your exercise by knowing your customer fitness requirements and your genetic makeup. We strongly recommend avoiding sitting and walk for at least 45 minutes every day. It will drive positive changes in your genes and ultimately, leads to optimal health.


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