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Risks of Breast Cancer and 5 Effective Ways of Prevention

Risks of Breast Cancer and 5 Effective Ways of Prevention


Women of all ages have the chances to be a victim of breast cancer. That is the reason, it is important for women to be informed about the signs and prevention of breast cancer so that proactive actions can be taken. Early detection helps to improve survival chances and let women stay free from the fear of having this deadly disease.


According to the report of the World Health Organization, over 1.2 million people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. This means, relatively a large group of women spend the significant no. of years with breast cancer and its long-term treatment including, chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and much more. But, with continuing research and increasing awareness, women are becoming conscious about their health taking prevention from risk factors, getting motivated for screenings and the best treatment for breast cancer.


Screening at different ages


Many studies show that screenings of breast cancer with the help of mammography can save lives. It does not help in prevention of breast cancer but it can help in finding cancer at an early stage when it can be treated properly. For most of the women, mammograms being at the age of 40 but it varies by the level of age and risk.   


  • At the age of 40 – 44:

Begin yearly mammograms and talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of mammograms in the prevailing age.

  • At the age of 45 – 54:

Mammograms are recommended mandatorily every year.

  • At the age of 55 or over: 

Mammograms are recommended on alternate years or you can continue to have them on a yearly basis as well.


Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer


1.    1. Keep Weight in Check

It is important to maintain a healthy weight to avoid the risks of different cancers including breast cancer. Overweight women are recommended to control their blood insulin levels as higher insulin level can also be another significant risk factor linked to breast cancer.


 2. Be Physically Active

Lack of physical activity is also a primary factor that involves the risk of breast cancer. thus, it is recommended to do the moderate exercise of at least 150 minutes and activities like yoga or stretching and weightlifting.


3. Eat Fruits and Vegetables and avoid alcohol

A healthy diet helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer as a lot of fruits and vegetables and moderate consumption of alcohol keeps the body healthy.


4. Avoid Birth Control Pills, especially after the age of 35 if you smoke

There are many risks and benefits of birth control pills. While the women taking birth control pills have a higher risk of breast cancer. There is an increased risk of heart attack and stroke while on the ill – especially if the woman smokes.    


 5. Avoid exposure to radiation and pollution

There are many medical imaging methods that contain high radiation doses. Many studies indicated that there is a link between radiation exposure and breast cancer. Reducing the exposure by having these tests when absolutely necessary can minimize the risk of breast cancer.



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