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It’s World DNA Day

It’s World DNA Day

DNA Day is Celebrated on 25th April every year. This day celebrates and recognizes the importance of genetics and scientific advancements in the field of genomics. It is the day when the great achievements in genetics are commemorated and the public learns more about genomics.


Discovery of DNA


In April 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick published a scientific journal describing the DNA structure and that has opened the doors to the world of modern-day genetics. With the help of various scientists, they were the first to discover DNA as a double helix and demonstrated the double-stranded molecule carries many genetic instructions for the body. The twisted ladder structure of DNA has marked a milestone in science. It has led to the increased awareness of modern molecular biology concerned with the controlling of chemical process within the cells of the body.


15 years of DNA Day



The Human Genome Project is also a great achievement in the voyage of DNA discovery.  The data produced by this project has accelerated biological research and advancement across the globe. The celebration of DNA Day has started after the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003.


How DNA and Genetics Helps


Genetic testing has potential benefits as the test results can help people make informed decisions, and manage their health care. It can help you understand yourself better and have a long-lasting impact on the way of prevention of a variety of diseases. Genes influence how we look outside and how we work inside. It prevents and treats chronic diseases by understanding the present genotype, predicting the individual risks, and providing customization of nutrition therapy.


At JC Genetics we test, understand, and counsel for your better health. Our prime purpose is to provide health solutions according to your genetic profile. We believe in providing good health and making the nation fit.


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