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Enjoy This Spring To The Fullest Without Worrying About Allergies

Enjoy This Spring To The Fullest Without Worrying About Allergies


Mostly, people see the start of spring as the season of happiness, change and a lot of positives in the environment. But this change also brings seasonal allergies causing watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, fever, congestion and related health complaints. Seasonal allergies can also give a negative impact on your immune system and lower your appetite. Thus, in order to prevent spring allergies, you have to take some proactive measures while understanding signs and symptoms of allergies and welcome this spring with full of energy. 

Children are most commonly fall victim of spring allergies, as they spend more time outside by going to school and playing outdoors. But, not only children, it is important for people of all ages to take care of their health in spring and consult a professional doctor or allergist to get the best treatment for allergies.


5 Proactive Ways To Prevent Spring Allergies This Season:


  • Improve Your Hygiene Practices:  Allergens like dust and mold can lurk around windows, on shelves, and in heating vents. Deep cleaning is the only way to minimize these indoor allergens that also help in improving your hygiene and cleaning practices at home.
  • Wear A Mask:  A mask can filter out the dust that gets kicked up when you mop floors of your home. Also, most of the people avoid wearing a mask while vacuuming, but it is important as pollen, dust kicked into the air at the time of cleaning.
  • Keep Your Pets Away from Your Bed and Other Furniture: Everyone loves their furry friends and treat them as a family member. But, pollen can cling to the fur of your pet and make your pet transfers pollens and other allergens on to upholstery and bedding. hence, it is recommended to vacuum floor more than twice in a week and make your pet clean more frequently than usual.
  • Install Dehumidifier: In order to keep your home dry and clean, you can install a portable and highly-efficient air filter or dehumidifier. This will keep your living space moisture-free, dry and free from allergens.


Apart from this, opting for genetic testing is also a considerable option for those, who are prone to allergy in the spring season. With the help of genetic testing, a person can know about his unique genotype without going under the knife. JC Genetics is the best source to opt for gene allergy plan which is also an alternative allergy treatment through which you can easily get to know about your intolerance, sensitivity, and reason causing allergies to you. This helps you to take care of your health while getting personalized recommendations to stay away from any allergic reactions. Get your DNA tested with JC Genetics to understand your allergy symptoms and personalized solutions. 

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