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Attain Your Fitness Goals by Knowing Your Fitness Genes

Attain Your Fitness Goals by Knowing Your Fitness Genes


Are you fed up of seeing no results in the gym or personal fitness sessions?

If yes, then there are several aspects you can tweak:


  • Your workout schedule
  • Your diet plan
  • Type of exercises you perform
  • Your lifestyle and a lot more..!!


But, importance and understanding of fitness genes is also a major factor that should not be ignored. There are fitness genes that indicate your muscular power, stamina, adaptability of training as per your physique. Many people are opting for personalized fitness plans through genetic fitness testing, which is the most effective way to understand how genes can improve your health and fitness.


Why Gene Fitness?


  • Personalized fitness Plan: Regular exercise and balanced eating habits are essential for your health and wellbeing.  Your genotype can influence on various aspects such as sports ability, food metabolism, nutrient absorption and many more. Knowing your fitness genes allows you to have a personalized fitness plan that suits the best according to your body requirements.


  • Discover The Abilities and Strengths Hidden Within Your Genotype: Your fitness genes play a significant role in indicating your BMI, muscle mass, strength, and physical efficiency. Knowing your fitness genes through genetic testing helps you to focus on your strengths with tailored workouts while attaining fitness goals in a short period of time.


  • Understanding of Food Intolerances: Knowing about your fitness genes can help you understand your diet and weight management. Whether it is about knowing the food associated with your obesity or increased BMI, genes that contributes to increased insulin resistance or causes cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes or any liver diseases, genetic testing can be considered as the best approach for understanding the intolerances in effective manner.


For fitness enthusiasts who are looking for effective weight management solutions, genetic testing can be a great option. JC Genetics offer personalized plans for fitness gene testing through which you can achieve your fitness targets perfectly. You will get your personalized report based on the fitness genes that help you know about everything regarding your BMI, fitness level, power, endurance, strengths and many other factors associated with your health and fitness. Book your fitness gene test NOW.


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