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Know The Early Signs of Breast Cancer and BRCA as A Solution

 Know The Early Signs of Breast Cancer and BRCA as A Solution


Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women, after lung and skin cancer. This is a life-threatening disease that occurs when cells in the breasts tissue mutate and continue to grow. These cancer-causing cells usually cluster together and form a tumor. Commonly, breast cancer is diagnosed in women around the age of 50, but there are many other factors that you should know to avoid being a victim of this disease. Family history, hormones, weight, alcohol consumption and radiation exposure are some common factors that may lead to increase the chances of breast cancer in women.


Early signs of breast cancer that some women might experience include :


  • Growing Vein: Newly appearing or growing veins are usually not a common sign of breast cancer or it can say that a very rare symptom. However, if these veins are seen growing outside the skin clearly or near the collarbone, then this could be the sign of a breast cancer cyst.
  • Unexpected Fluid:  Many women notice a discharge from nipples at some point in their lives, which is common as it is usually related to pregnancy, breastfeeding or developing breasts. However, if the discharge is leaking from the breast outside, then it should be checked out as soon as possible.
  • Different Size and Shape: Breasts may be appearing different in shape and size, but if you notice one breast changes shape, swells, droops and flattens unexpectedly, then it the time to see your doctor for proper diagnosis and breast cancer treatment.
  • Lumps: All the lumps are not cancerous lumps as many women have bumpy and lumpy breasts. However, it is something that put you in a big trouble. Thus, it is advised to contact your doctor for a detailed diagnosis if you feel any lumps inside your breasts.


Self-examination is the most important way to identify these early signs of breast cancer and it is possible to find a cure before the problem become detrimental. You can also opt for biopsies, physical exams, x-rays, bone scans and blood tests. The breast cancer specialist puts tissue samples from the lymph and breast nodes under the microscope and finds out the result.

With the advancement in the medical field, it is possible to know your gene status and reduce the risk of causing breast cancer through gene testing. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are the best way to get prevention from breast cancer while knowing your specific gene variations. JC Genetics is a reputable name in the medical field, offering highly-effective BRCA1 and BRCA2 plan that requires saliva sample of a person for DNA analysis. You get a personalized report through which you can know about the breastfeeding duration, effect of breast size, chemotherapy and so on. Opting for this plan will help you to ensure better health.

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