Genetic testing is a process to understand your genes, which are DNA instructions inherited from parents. Genetic tests are conducted to identify the increased health risks and guide in choosing right treatments or assess treatment responses.

  • Diagnosis of diseases
  • Identification of gene changes
  • Determination of disease severity
  • Identification of gene that can be passed on to children
  • Identification of increased risks to develop certain disease
  • Providing guidance to doctors for customized treatment or medicines

Genetic test results provide personal genetic data that can help you to make informed health decisions like dietary habits, fitness goals, nutrition, weight management, treatment of diseases that are best for your body.

There are various reasons people might consider to get the genetic testing. Doctors can also suggest genetic test, if anyone in the family of patient have certain disease patterns. Our genetic counselor can help you decide the best plan for you according to your requirements.

Genetic testing looks at the specific gene or DNA code to provide information about the gene(s) and it is performed on your saliva sample. Results are usually sent within 3-5 weeks.

Genetic counsellors are our team members. They are trained individuals and specializes in helping individuals understand and manage their health in best possible manner.

  • Genetic counsellor will:
  • Confirm your family and medical history
  • Explain the causes of hereditary diseases
  • Discuss the gene testing process
  • Determine if you are at risk of any hereditary disease
  • Allow you to make an informed decision for your better health
  • Provide information about gene testing and overview of results

You can review the test results on your own. You can also consult with our genetic counsellor who will help you to analyze results, highlight the sections of test and guide you to reach your goals. We will also provide recommendations on the basis of your test results.

No, usually there is no requirement of any referral.